Salto del Ciervo

Terms and Conditions

The Reservation System will facilitate your reservation and its confirmation as long as the requirements are fully met.

Reservations made will be confirmed by the owner of the establishment. It will be considered as a pre-reservation until said confirmation. The reservation system may work via the web, through a telephone call, via email, or in person; Through these channels a bilateral communication is established between the user or client and the owner of the establishment, in this case Salto del Ciervo.

The pre-reservation has a validity period of three days from the date on which the request for a place is made. Once the amount of advance payment is entered, it becomes a reservation, offering the user a confirmation via e-mail.

* If this advance payment requirement is not met, the pre-reservation disappears, thereby releasing the room or rooms for new clients.

Book:It refers to both accommodation, cultural visits or the rental of facilities for holding events and celebrations.

To make an accommodation reservation, a minimum of 10 guests and a maximum of 14 are established with a stay of at least two nights, excluding holidays *. During the months of July and August the minimum stay is one week (7 days / 6 nights).

Sí los niños ocupan cama se aplicará el mismo coste que a los demás huéspedes.

* For more information about the reservation on holidays, contact by phone at: 690 675 914 or info@saltodelciervo.com

Payment of the reservation:When a reservation is made, the amount specified for the pre-reservation by the website system or the owner must be entered. In this case 25% of the total cost.

Once the corresponding amount has been received, the owner will notify the client of the reservation confirmation specifying the following concepts: day of entry and exit, number of reserved places and total price, as well as the applicable regime in the case of possible cancellation.

Once the payment requirements of your reservation have been fulfilled, it will be kept until 12:00 hours on the day that your reservation appears as the arrival date. If the arrival of the client does not take place and there is no communication for confirmation by any means (telephone, email, fax) after 12:00 hours, the owner will be able to dispose of the reserved room or rooms.

The remaining 75% of the amount must be paid on the day of the guest's entry to the farmhouse by bank transfer or cash payment.

Cancellation and returns: The full amount of the reservation can be returned up to 30 days before the arrival date, in case it is a closer day, no refund will be made.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, please let us know by e-mail to info@saltodelciervo.com attaching the information you received in the reservation confirmation email.

Rates:The rates applied will mark the particular conditions of reservation of each one of them.

Current rates:

· General rate: 2 nights (Example: entering on a Friday at 12:00 and leaving on a Sunday at 12:00) € 45 / person. * Except holidays

· Tarifa media (Junio y Septiembre): 2 noches. Mínimo 10 personas. 30€/persona

· High season rate (July and August): 6 nights. € 140 / person. Minimum 10 people.