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Cwu Agreement

CWU Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is a trade union in the UK that represents postal workers, telecoms engineers, and call centre employees. In 2018, the CWU reached a ground-breaking agreement with Royal Mail, the UK`s national postal service, after years of negotiations and disputes. Here`s what you need to know about the CWU agreement and its implications for workers and businesses.


The CWU has been fighting for better pay, conditions, and job security for its members in the postal and telecoms industries. In recent years, Royal Mail has faced challenges from the rise of e-commerce, declining mail volumes, and competition from other carriers. The company has been under pressure to cut costs and improve productivity, which has led to clashes with the union over issues such as pay, pensions, and working hours. The CWU has organized strikes and other forms of industrial action to protest against what it sees as Royal Mail`s attempts to erode workers` rights and standards.

The Agreement

The CWU agreement, which was reached in February 2018 after months of talks and a strike ballot, includes the following key elements:

– A three-year pay deal, including a 5% increase in the first year and a range of other improvements in pay and bonuses.

– A joint commitment to a range of productivity and efficiency measures, including a reduction in working hours from 39 to 35 per week by 2022.

– A new pensions scheme, which replaces the previous defined benefit scheme with a hybrid system that combines elements of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

– A commitment to job security, including a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies for frontline staff until the end of the agreement in 2021.


The CWU agreement is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it represents a major breakthrough in the long-running dispute between Royal Mail and the union. The agreement was supported by a large majority of CWU members, which suggests that it has widespread backing and is likely to be more durable than previous settlements. Secondly, the agreement includes a number of progressive measures that could improve the lives of postal workers and set a standard for other industries. The reduction in working hours, for example, could help to address issues such as work-life balance, stress, and fatigue. The new pensions scheme also offers greater flexibility and security for workers, while acknowledging the need to adapt to changing market conditions. Finally, the agreement could have wider implications for the UK labour market and the role of trade unions. The fact that the CWU was able to negotiate such a favourable deal with a major employer like Royal Mail could encourage other unions to adopt a more proactive and collaborative approach to industrial relations.


The CWU agreement is a landmark deal that has the potential to transform the postal and telecoms industries, while setting an example for other sectors. By working together to find a mutually beneficial solution, the CWU and Royal Mail have demonstrated that it is possible to balance the needs of workers and businesses, even in challenging times. As a professional, it`s important to note that keywords like «CWU agreement», «Royal Mail», «postal workers», «telecoms engineers», «industrial action», and «pensions» could help to boost the article`s visibility online. However, it`s crucial to ensure that the article is informative, balanced, and well-researched, in order to engage readers and provide value.

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